How To File A Support Ticket

We understand that not every author is comfortable managing a website. To help with this, we have a complete support system built into every Author Website.

If you need help with a specific issue related to the ThirdScribe network of your Author Website or Landing Page, the best thing to do is to is submit a Support Ticket. Here’s how.


Access A Support Ticket

Click “+ New Support Ticket” in your Author Dashboard.

ts new support ticket


Fill Out The Form


ts new support ticket input


1. Subject: Please provide a descriptive and relevant subject line.

2. Category: Select the best category option to describe your issue.

3. Priority: Please let us know the priority of this request based on the severity of need. Not every request is an emergency.

4. Problem Description: Please tell us, in as much detail as you can, the help you need. You can submit attachments if necessary.


Follow Up

A ThirdScribe representative will get back to you once a support ticket is received. If it’s something we can just take care of, we’ll do that right away and let you know it’s done. If we have questions, we’ll get back to you and work with you until the issue can be resolved.

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